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Fly Fishing Consultant Podcast

Feb 28, 2020

Ryan Hudson is a fly fishing guide based in Daniel, Wyoming and owns Wyoming Fishing Company. Ryan wrote an opinion article in SweetwaterNow in 2018 titled Fly Fishing “Brand Ambassadors” + Social Media – What Might They Be Doing to Your Fishery?  

The article calls out a specific angler that broke some laws while fishing for trophy trout and ended up on the cover of American Angler Magazine. Furthermore, the article discusses the responsibility the angler, his sponsors, and the magazine have in protecting our resources and how far someone should go for their hero shot.

Rob and Ryan discuss the article, the dangers of fishing for spawning fish, social media influencers, his guiding business, remote travel, and those that lived in Wyoming thousands of years ago. 

Produced by Jason Reif

Sponsored by Korkers

Ryan Hudson