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Fly Fishing Consultant Podcast

Oct 2, 2019

Tell Decision Makers: Expanding clear-cut logging of old-growth timber by eliminating the Roadless Rule would harm the people & economy of Southeast Alaska. 

Rob interviews Kayla Roys of Trout Unlimited Alaska about the current administration's attempt to allow logging in the Tongass. Kayla hunts, fishes, forages, explores, and lives within the Tongass. You will learn why this delicate ecosystem declared 'wilderness' and 'roadless' requires protection and why Trump's plans as always don't make sense. 


America's Salmon Forest

Washington Post: Trump pushes to allow new logging in Alaska‚Äôs Tongass National Forest

New York Times: Trump to Miners, Loggers and Drillers: This Land Is Your Land

US Forest Service: Tongass National Forest 

Produced by Jason Reif

Sponsored by Sweetwater Brewing